Reading glasses by Daniel Cullen ...clearly with style.
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We offer non prescription reading glasses in an assortment of dioptres (lens powers).

Our glasses are available in a choice of designs from classic to fashionable and include rimless and bifocal styles.

A pair of blue reading glasses on a shelf, next to a pile of books

Reading Glasses by Daniel Cullen
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Willingham by Stow
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United Kingdom

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By special order we provide a range of single vision reading glasses from our carefully chosen frame collection, many of which are designer brands thus offering you a completely individual product. The available lens powers for these special orders range from +0.50 to +3.50 in increments of 0.25
In addition we are able to offer tough glass lenses for specific styles.

In recognition of an increasing demand for traditional and distinguished eyewear we always have available monocles, pince nez and lorgnettes.
Our monocles have been featured in Tatler.

We have a small collection of reading sunglasses or alternatively utilise your existing eyewear with polarised clip on sunglasses. Our anti-glare glasses could prove helpful in adverse light conditions.

We also have a number of low vision accessories plus optical products designed to protect and care for your eyewear.

Based in the UK, we air mail our products worldwide, if you have any comments, questions or suggestions regarding our goods or service, we would be pleased to hear your views.